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A fresh coat of paint is an affordable way to add new life to any room of your home. With all the new paint variations available, you can virtually do anything to a wall to create interest and drama. Combining two of the specialty paints sold on the market today will provide you with the perfect magnetic chalkboard paint kit. This combination has wide appeal for children and adults alike with a variety of useful and creative uses. It is easy to apply at a reasonable price and can be found in almost any paint store.

Magnetic primer covered by chalkboard paint can be applied to the wall of a child’s room for hours of creative play and decorating. You will not have to argue with your child about his or her decorating ideas and the theme and appearance can easily by changed as the child grows. Imagine the delight your youngster will get when he can draw on his own special wall.

It can also be used for functional purposes in the kitchen or business. A portion of wall painted in this manner can house erasable menus, welcome greetings, reminders, or grocery lists. With the magnetized paint base, it can also be decorated with magnetic letters, picture frames, or wall art. This look is charming and original for the home or restaurant venue.

If painting a portion of a wall, you could frame the area to be painted with tape before beginning. Make sure the wall is smooth, clean, and all nail holes are filled. When the paint is dry, you can use wood or molding of some sort to add a frame so that it resembles a real chalkboard on your wall.

Magnetic paint primer is a specially mixed blend of primer and iron shavings. It needs to be thoroughly shaken at the paint store. Even just prior to painting, it needs to be stirred for up to ten minutes so that the heavy iron is completely mixed with the primer at the top of the can. It takes at least two coats with a roller to cover the wall adequately with a thick enough layer to hold a magnet securely. Some recommend sanding between the coats so that a smooth surface is obtained. Once the area is primed with a few coats, you will want to test some magnets against the surface to determine if the attraction is adequate. It is important to let the primer dry overnight before coating it with another paint.

Chalkboard paint is applied just like traditional paint, using a roller. It requires two coats of this paint to give the desired surface. Once the final coat is dried overnight, it needs to be prepared by using the side of a piece of chalk to completely mark the surface and then washing it clean with water. You are then ready to add your own creative touches to your magnetic chalkboard.

While the magnetic primer is gray in color, chalkboard paint is produced in a variety of colors. The standard slate or green are the most popular colors but brands such as Plaid FolkArt produce a variety of colors to suit any room, such as pink, blue, red, and even white. Both RustOleum and Benjamin Moore make good quality paint of this kind in either a quart or a spray can. While the magnetic primer is about twice as expensive as the chalkboard paint, they are very affordable considering the artistic flair and distinction that they could add to a room. By combining them together, you can create a magnetic chalkboard paint surface to use in any room of your home.

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