Designing With Framed Chalkboards

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Framed chalkboards have long been thought of mainly as an educational tool used by dust-covered teachers in dreary classrooms. In recent years, however, these boards have been popping up in surprising places. It started with cafes and restaurants incorporating sandwich boards and erasable menus into their décor. They were often covered with elaborate decorations and chalk drawn pictures that added an artistic feel to the restaurant. Like the window painting practiced in the winter, these boards gave a canvas to the more creative staff members and provided an easily changeable mural space that could be updated to reflect the seasons or even just the mood of the employees on any particular day. The chalkboards were also practical, as they could accommodate changing menus, prices and specials.

While restaurants and cafes continue to use framed chalkboards for menus and decoration, home decorators have taken the concept and have begun incorporating it into their homes. In the home, decorative chalkboards have a number of purposes. As the boards used in restaurants, they can serve as a canvas for the artistically inclined, turning any wall into a mural. In the bathroom, they have become a fun way to encourage bathroom “graffiti” similar to that seen in public washrooms worldwide. In fact, some businesses have caught on to the fact that they can provide an alternative to would-be vandals and have started putting them in bathroom stalls, giving their customers a fun way to communicate with each other.

As with the framed chalkboards used as restaurant menus, chalkboards in the home usually combine the board’s artistic capabilities with a practical purpose. In the kitchen, they can be an easy, paper-saving way to make lists of items that need to be replenished, to plan means or to design a chore chart to make sure that everyone in the family is doing their share. Put near a telephone, a chalkboard is a great way to record phone messages.

Framed chalkboards come in a number of designs that will fit into the décor of any room, whether it is modern or classic.  The most basic boards feature only a piece of slate surrounded by a simple wooden or metal frame. Some boards, however, are far more elaborate, featuring everything from intricate ironwork that can add a touch of class to a room, to life sized clown designs perfect for a child’s room. Chalkboards can even be bought in the form of stick-on wall decals that can be placed in fun patterns, written on, and erased like a normal chalkboard.

Framed chalkboards can be particularly fun for children, as they provide limitless opportunities for art projects. Additionally, having a chalkboard in the room can be a great way to help a child with their homework and can give them the chance to show off the writing or counting skills they have recently learned at school. Attaching chalkboard signs to the outside of the bedroom door is also a great way to give your child a voice, providing an easy place to say “keep out” or “come on in!”

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